Everything we do is ‘building the future’!

Working on the evolution of the constructed urban environment on a daily basis, is a great responsibility towards both todays and tomorrows society.
By taking this seriously, eld’s team strives to sustainably shape little parts of our world.

Every project is built on a long term vision, surpassing the purely commercial thinking.

Our people are driven by the awareness that the broader aspects of a project contribute to the development of humankind. This motivates us to do a good job each and every time.

The built environment influences people much more than one would expect. Human behaviour, well-being, city life, work efficiency, safety and comfort all depend on decisions made regarding the built environment.
Reflection and interaction both within a project team and with other stakeholders, deepen the solid foundation and the basic assumptions. This way of working broadens and respects other views towards the horizon and creates a more solid support base.

eld cherishes its independency as a long term strategy. Client satisfaction is guaranteed due to an intelligent balance of ‘value for money’ in all aspects.
Through a collective way of thinking, new ideas are constantly born, shaping the future, step by step.

“Contributing to, and in collectivity, gives people a sense of well-being, and amplifies these values.”