Urban Green House

“Urban Green House” as a catalyst for the city of Ghent and its Arts Quarter .

Gent ICC and its ‘Urban Green House’ setting will soon become one of the most popular places in Ghent. We apply the principle of ‘localhood’, which is a long-term vision that supports inclusive co-creation of a future destination and where human relationships are central. A future destination where human relationships are central, because the Floraliënhal is to become:

– the place where sports can be practised intensively in an enclosed space, in collaboration with ‘t Kuipke velodrome.
– the place where culture comes into its own even better, in collaboration  with the S.M.A.K., the MSK, and the Arts Quarter.
– the meeting place for the Arts Quarter and the City of Gent
– …

But above all, it will be a place where knowledge is shared in a state-of-the-art convention center. Embedded in the special academic fabric of Ghent, the ‘Urban Green House’ will strengthen Ghent’s ambitions to become a global player in life sciences and biotechnology, culture, material sciences, and healthcare. As a hub for knowledge and meetings, ideas originating from all around the world will be exchanged in Gent ICC in a lush, green environment.

eld was appointed to monitor the very important project budget from start to finish. eld’s expertise in value engineering will be applied, which means that troughout all phases eld will be updating the estimates and integrating the evolving engineering part of the budget. Expenses within the project will be challenged and qualified as ‘ must have’, ‘ should have’, ‘ would have’ and ‘won’t have’. This constant search for savings will result in an ‘affordable building’.
During execution, eld will continue the value engineering and budget control of all aspects up until handover.