Willingness to create a different Brussels

“KANAL – Centre Pompidou was born out of the conviction that art and culture are fundamental to make people come together in a society which is more and more divided. It is the willingness to create a place where everyone will feel at home.” (Y.G.)

A future cultural hub

The ambition of KANAL – Centre Pompidou is to offer a center of culture and exchange open to all, to put the creative scene of Brussels in the spotlight, and to contribute to the capital’s cultural appeal.

A new collection deserves an affordable new house

eld was appointed to monitor the very important project budget from start to finish. eld’s expertise in value engineering will be applied, which means that  throughout all phases eld will be updating the estimates and integrating the evolving engineering part of the future budget.  Expenses within the project will be challenged and qualified as ‘ must have’, ‘ should have’, ‘ would have’ and ‘won’t have’. This constant search for savings will result in an ‘affordable house’.

Furthermore, eld is translating the project concept into general & technical specifications.  Combined with the bills of quantities and the tendering documentation files, they will form the contractor’s agreement.

During execution, eld will continue the value engineering and budget control of all aspects up until handover.